L i s a ' s M y S t y l i s t - ALS Awareness
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ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

To keep it simple. Here are some bullet points.
It's a progressive neurodegenerative (nerves & muscles) disease, that is 100% fatal. That can effect anyone.
There are two types of ALS.
Sporadic ALS: Most common 90-95% of cases.
Familial ALS (FALS) is 5-10% of cases (Inherited, 50% chance offspring will inherit the gene)
Rare. 6K in US diagnosed and projected that 20K have it in the US.
Average age it happens to is 40-70 years old. 60% recorded are men and 93% recorded are caucasian.
Average life expectancy, from time of diagnoses 2-5 years.
3+ years 50%
5+ years 20%
10+ years 10%
20+ years 5%



Why ALS is close to my heart
My Father 67yr old (in picture above) was recently diagnosed with ALS late July 2016. His symptoms started around January 2016 with loss of strength in his hands/grip, and are progressively getting worse. I contacted the ALS association (Orange County Chapter) in August 2016 and spoke with Natalie and a few others. I was amazed by the empathetic/sympathetic support they have already offered in my dads early stages of this horrible disease.
My father is a former gymnast, well know judge and coach within the gymnastics community. It was extremely hard to see my Father, a man who has been so physically strong, become physically weak.
My goal is to get involved with in the ALS support group family and raise awareness and funds, for research, to find a cure for this heart breaking disease.

I have never offered any travel services but it was brought to my attention from the ALS association that there is a need for in home hair services in Orange County for hair cuts, coloring and styling for people with advanced stages of ALS and have trouble getting out of the house.

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